Monday, September 2, 2013

Sarah's Butterflies Foundation

      Early in the week last week, Jim and I found ourselves meeting with the chairman of the Shenango Valley Foundation about starting a foundation in Sarah's memory.  The process I will admit was a lot easier than I expected. 
      I have to write a mission statement/purpose.  I have researched some mission statements for organizations and looked at how to write one. 
      Our goal is to make spreading hope a lot easier.  The ministry is growing as I hoped it would.  Three years ago, my mother approached me about taking Sarah's Toybox to Farrell.  I was onboard immediately. 
        If you want to know why I get so excited about what we do with Sarah's Toybox, come with us in December. 
        In the next few months, the way to donate to the foundation will be made available.  Be praying for how you can be involved in spreading hope.

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