Friday, September 11, 2015

Faces of Loss

     A few years ago, I posted a story to Faces of Loss about Sarah's death.  I used a post from this blog and submitted it.
     A few months ago, they posted it and recently I was contacted about reading my story so that it can be an audio version.  I am going to do that this afternoon.
      I wrote that story in 2012 hoping to help some other family dealing with infant loss.  Sarah's death was sudden and unexpected.  None of us could have fathomed what November 15, 2009 held for us.  In one sense it was the end-the end of Sarah's life.  It was also the beginning-the beginning of her eternal life in Heaven.  It also signaled the start of making Sarah's life count.
     Sarah might have only lived for 3 days but those three days were packed with family loving on her.  She was photographed more times than some celebrities.  Sarah should be sleeping at home right now and getting up soon so that she can head off to Kindergarten but she is in Heaven with Jesus and she is safe.
       While Sarah is in Heaven and I am left to miss her, I choose to make the world a better place because Sarah Elisabeth Richardson lived here.