Thursday, July 26, 2012

How can I help?

  Today I read I John 3:16-18 while having my God-time.  It struck me at how to prove we love, we have to act.  The verses state that if we have some material possession and withold it, we're not showing love to others.  I excuse myself a lot from acting because I lack money, time, talent.  God nudged me and said that He has given me time, talent, and funding and that I have to step out on faith and use it.
    My last blog post told about Sarah's Toybox.  I know people have asked how they can help?  You can help by praying for the kids.  You could buy a box of pop-tarts or the individual boxes of cereal (you know the mini boxes).  You can buy apple sauce, pudding or fruit snacks.  You can come with me in a few weeks and meet the kids and families.  I guarantee you will be blessed.  I don't promise that you won't come away feeling spoiled and challenged to be grateful.  The journey often chastens me to be grateful. 
     Choose today to make the world better.

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  1. You can also help by buying school supplies. Right now Wal-Mart and Kmart have cheap school supplies. 17 cents for a notebook or a quarter for a box of crayons. Think how much you can buy with a dollar or 2.... Think about how many you can bless with a dollar or 2? 10? 20?