Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jubilee Tour 12.26.13

                Good morning, I want to announce that today we are launching the 2013 campaign
for Sarah’s Toybox.  Last week, in church,  we sang the song, “Days of Elijah.”  The
line…”this is the year of Jubilee” hit me hard.  That is what I want us to give the recipients of
the Blessing Bags.  I want to provide freedom from discouragement and hopelessness.
             At a dinner meeting this week, a donor asked how much it cost to make a blessing
bag.   The cost of making a Blessing Bag is roughly $6.            
             We are heading to new places and ministering to new individuals.  As you saw in an earlier post, we now have established a foundation which allows us to accept monetary donations.  Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible as are a 501c3 charitable organization.   
              We are going to Farrell and Sharon on December 26, 2013.  Come join us on the Jubilee Tour 12.26.13. 

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